Our process

Each project is different and the process is tailored to suit you. Most projects follow the route outlined below.

Initial consultation

This is a meeting at your home for a walk around and discussion about your project and its possibilities. This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and ideas, and for me to find out more about your garden. I will be able to show you some of my previous projects and explain my process.

Design Brief

Using a questionnaire and information gathered at the site visit, I write a detailed document outlining every aspect of your garden needs which will inform the design and be the basis of everything you need. This is hugely important and we would take great care to be sure we fully understand each other in this process. It helps at this stage to produce a mood board, signed off by you, which helps us understand the atmosphere you are looking to create in your new space.


Depending on the complexity of the site, this will often need to be completed before the design work can begin. This will deliver a scaled outline of your existing garden with precise levels information.

Site Analysis

I would check the survey and record any further information on site, detailing anything important for the design such as aspect, microclimate, access and existing features.

Outline Plan

A detailed scaled coloured drawing of the proposals for your new garden. This will include material choices and key plant species. The plan will be produced using AutoCAD software and hand drawn sketches can be included to help you visualise the design.

Planting plan and Schedule

This is a clear, professionally produced plan, specification and schedule, everything we need to procure the right plants for you from the nursery. It will form the basis for laying plants out on site, and will be a lasting record for you as your garden develops.

Construction Details

These can include sections and elevations to help the contractor understand and build the design.

Specification and Scope of works

This document is the specific instruction as to exactly what, how, and where everything goes. It ensures the build meets current CDM and safety regulations.

Tendering or Contractor appointment

I can advise the right team to build your garden, or coordinate a tendering process to find the right people for you and your budget.


I offer to order and set the plants out on site for the contractor to plant. This helps make sure the plan is delivered accurately and takes into account the individual plant specimens delivered, making sure each one is placed at the correct spacing.

Throughout and post construction

Project monitoring

If required, I can monitor the build. Regular visits with the contractor to make sure the design is delivered to the highest standard. This also allows me to make revisions to the design should they be needed, and resolve any unforeseen issues.

Maintenance Schedule

Adequate maintenance in the first two years is essential to establish healthy thriving plants. I can produce a detailed maintenance document specific to your garden that will outline what you or whoever looks after your garden need to do month by month to keep it looking tip top. If you would like me to come back to your garden after your project completion, site visits to advise on changes or additions can be arranged.

Get in touch

I am always excited to find new work, please get in touch if you have a project – large or small – you’d like to discuss.